Gas Check

We participate in the GAS Check™ program

Our technicians are specially trained in gas leak inspection

Gas Appliance System Check (GAS Check™) is a voluntary inspection program developed by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) together with the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA). This program provides guidelines to technicians on how to perform two important types of residential safety inspections:

  • A “Gas System Check” of the gas delivery system, including containers, regulators, and appurtenances such as pressure relief devices, pressure gauges, plugs, etc.
  • A “Gas Appliance System Check” of both the gas delivery system and all propane-burning appliances.

Launched in 1985, GAS Check™ signified the beginning of an industry-wide effort to help reduce residential accidents involving propane. All of our technicians have been trained in Maryland gas leak inspection methods, so you can be confident that your propane gas system is safe.

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