Oil Level Payment Program

Avoid high winter fuel bills with our Promise Plan Program

No matter whether you heat your home with propane or heating oil, everybody dreads those big winter fuel bills. Our heating oil level payment program, otherwise known as our Promise Plan Program, eliminates big winter bills by allowing you to pay for your heating oil over 12 months.

Here’s how our Promise Plan Works:

Spread out your bills with our budget program.

We estimate your yearly heating oil bill based on your previous usage and other factors, and we divide the total amount into 12 level monthly payments. No matter how cold it gets or how much fuel you use, you’ll pay the same level amount each month, making it much easier to plan your monthly household expenses.

Additional Promise Plan Benefits

If you are concerned about heating oil price swings, our Promise Plan adds significant benefits to the level payment program, including price protection, automatic delivery, a 3% APR credit rebate and a never-run-out-of-fuel guarantee.

To find out more about the Promise Plan, please contact Tri Gas today.


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