Automatic Oil Delivery

Heating Oil automatic delivery on the Eastern Shore

You’re busy—you don’t have time to check your Heating Oil level every week. And what happens when you forget to check? You could end up paying for a service call to restart your system and check your fuel lines for safety.

You never have to check your fuel with automatic delivery. This convenient service—available at no additional charge—ensures that you’ll never run out of Heating Oil. When you have Heating Oil automatic delivery, we remotely monitor your tank to ensure you’ve got plenty of fuel. When your fuel level gets low, we automatically dispatch a Heating Oil delivery truck to fill up your tank.

With automatic delivery, you don’t use more fuel than you normally would; you simply don’t have to worry about calling Tri Gas for a delivery. With automatic delivery, ‘checking your tank’ is a thing of the past. To learn more about this popular service please contact us today.


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