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Ask us about convenient automatic oil delivery

With a fleet of heating oil delivery trucks, a large oil storage facility, a state-of-the-art dispatching and routing system, and a team of highly trained drivers, Tri Gas has all of the resources needed to service our customers throughout the Delmarva with dependable, on-time heating oil delivery.

Sign up for automatic heating oil delivery

More and more of our customers are opting for automatic delivery of their home heating oil. This option—available at no extra charge—virtually ensures that you will never run out of heating oil. No longer will you have to ‘check the tank’ to see your oil level.

How it works:

When you enroll in automatic delivery, our computerized tracking system alerts us when it’s time to re-fill you tank, so you never have to worry about calling for a delivery again.


Combine automatic delivery with our heating oil Budget Plan, which allows you to spread your annual fuel costs over 12 months. Also consider our Promise Plan, which adds price protection to these convenient benefits.

To learn more about heating oil delivery to your home or business, contact Tri Gas today.


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